The universe is a crazy and intimate place sometimes.  My law partner, Steven M. Watson, and I started our law firm, Watson & Carroll, PC, LLO, in 2011.  In 2008, Chad and I received our first two goats, Rosemary and Big Red.  Enter Universe Moment One.  Rosemary and Big Red are lesbian goats.  It figures they would end up on a farm with a gay couple.  While I am sure Oregon life was just fine, they rule queens, pardon the pun, on our farm.

Rosemary and Big Red, have been together their entire lives.  When the breeding season comes, every boy goat knows to stay away or Rosemary will kick your butt.  Neither have ever gotten pregnant.  They have zero interest in any of that.  Alas, those two will live their days together on our farm.  Big Red is getting older and starting to lose teeth.  Every night, you will find Rosemary and Big Red sleeping next to each other in the back corner of the barn. Since they were never going to breed, we ended up starting over with young goats that we had flown, trucked, and transported to Nebraska.  As we added goats, it was inevitable that some of them would get sick at some point in time, especially the young ones.

We learned many lessons those first few years, especially with the help with fellow goat people as we like to call them.  Enter Universe Moment Number Two.  Many years ago pneumonia hit some of our goats.  We had never dealt with that issue.  It was a very stressful and sad time as we lost a couple of our girls.  Losing Zucchini was like a punch to the gut.  She was by far the prettiest goat we had and probably the prettiest goat I had ever seen.  Yes, goats are like people.  The notso pretty goats knew that Zucchini was a very pretty goat and would talk behind her back and spread rumors about her.  Or at least, that is what the chickens told me.

Anyway, as we sought treatment advice and such, we reached out to a dairy goat farmer named Diana McCown with Greenglade Goat Dairy.  Diana was kind enough to give me the name of some vets and respond to call for help.  Over the years, I have messaged Diana about one thing or another all the while not realizing that there was only one degree of separation between us.  Enter Universe Moment Three.

Two weeks ago, my law partner, came into my office and asked me whether I knew any other goat people.  I said that I knew of two other dairy goat farmers, Greenglade Goat Dairy and ShadowBrook Farm.  It turns out Diana McCown is Marilyn Watson's First Cousin.  Marilyn Watson is Steve Watson's wife!!  All these years, and somehow none of us made the connection.  Steve and Marilyn went to the Haymarket Farmer's Market in Lincoln, NE.  Diana is there on Saturdays selling various types of cheese.  Steve and Marilyn brought back some of Diana's Mozzarella de Capra cheese.  It is delicious.  The pictures above show Chad and I making a Caprese Salad with Greenglade Mozzarella de Capra cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil from our garden.  It was DELICIOUS!!  Please visit Diana's web site or go on down to the Haymarket Farmer's Market and buy local!

Below are pictures of Big Red and Rosemary.  The power goat couple that started this goat journey of ours!


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    Two guys living on a hobby farm in Nebraska raising critically endangered San Clemente Island Goats, and a whole lot more.  We are in the process of developing a Grade A Microdairy.  We will be the first to use San Clemente Island Goat milk.  It is about time these girls earn their keep around here!


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